Built for Progression

Unifoil high performance foils are designed for all disciplines and all wind conditions.

Whether that’s freeride, freestyle, wave riding, downwinding or racing. Our gear is designed to take your riding to the next level.

Unifoil is famous for that buttery, intuitive feeling. Our foils are incredibly smooth & predictable, giving you added confidence to push yourself harder and progress faster.

No matter what mother nature throws at you, we’ve got you covered.

  • A wing that works in the widest range of conditions and the Pinion
    really delivers that. We think it sets a new standard for performance
    and control.

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  • Vyper is the go-to for freestyle, waves and boosting big airs.

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  • The foil that changed the game forever is back with a complete redesign. It’s faster than ever and incredibly versatile.

    It’s unmatched for its combination of pump, glide and turning.

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  • Fills the gap between the Hyper² and Vyper. Pump and glide machine for freeride, freestyle and downwind. With its low stall speed, this wing glides for days and turns on a dime.

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  • Freestyle and Wave

    High wind

    130 Vyper and 4.2m² or 5.0m² Pinion Wing

    Low wind

    170 Vyper and 5.0m² or 6.0m² Pinion Wing

  • Freeride and Race

    High Wind

    150 Hyper² and 5.0m² Pinion Wing

    Low Wind

    170 Hyper² and 6.0m² Pinion Wing

  • Downwind

    High Wind

    170 Hyper² and 3.4m² Pinion Wing

    Low Wind

    210 Hyper² and 5.0m² Pinion Wing

Setup Guide for Shims

Here’s a quick guide to which shims work best for each foil. These are settings we have found work best for us and our team. We recommend you follow this guide to start with, then adjust according to your preference.

To add front foot pressure, add more shim angle and to add back foot pressure, use less shim angle.

Progression: Start with 0 shim and adjust accordingly

Vyper: Start with 2 shim and adjust accordingly

Hyper2: Start with 1 shim and adjust accordingly