Founded in 2014

Unifoil was founded in 2014 by Clifford Coetzer and has quickly gone on to be the go-to brand for high-performance Hydrofoiling.

Clifford is famous for inventing the world’s first ever High-Aspect hydrofoil wing. The wing shape that has gone on to sell more than any other design on the market.

Years in the making

Hi-performance hydrofoil design is a game of millimetres, and Clifford has dedicated years to refining and testing multiple wing, mast and fuselage designs with our top team riders from around the world.

Attention to detail, relentless R&D, tried and tested designs and durable and robust materials is what sets us apart.

Try a Unifoil and feel the difference.

The unifoil story

Clifford started designing foils on his coffee table in 2014 and quickly moved to an R & D lab and production facility in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Seeing Unifoil start to take off and demand for his foils outgrowing his manufacturing capacity, Clifford developed a world class team and set up worldwide distribution. Unifoil is now able to service the increasing demand for Unifoil products worldwide, while still
maintaining strict quality control.

Unifoil now has some of the world’s best foil riders from Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, and Europe (to name a few) riding our products.

Since day one, Unifoil continues leading the way in truly high-performance hydrofoil design.

Meet the Team