About Uni-foil

Welcome to UNI-Foil Hydrofoils (est 2015)

We are based in South Africa , Jeffreys bay in the Eastern cape.

All foils are measured on the front bottom wing area which is in square inches.

Vortex 150 is a new addition for those high speed G maneuvers

The 175 Vortex  is a great performance foil which works well as a kite foil for surf, a prone foil or as a SUP foil for lighter riders

The 185 surf is a foil specifically for the waves ( although there is no reason it cant be used for kiting) This foil is designed to link waves and is very easy to turn

The 200 surf is the 185’s bigger brother which has the same features, but is just for bigger riders

Hyper race foils are specifically designed for down wind flying, they are also the ultimate in low drag so work very well in small swell days and being able to connect multiple waves.

170 Hyper race
190 Hyper race
210 Hyper race
230 Hyper race

Mast options.
The flat plate mast is available in 650mm 750mm  and 950mm. (mounting holes are 165mmx90mm)

The rear stabilizers function is to provide stability to the hydrofoil. Depending on what wing is chosen affects the feel of the foil.
Three options are available , the carve stab , the flare stab, or the flat race stab
The flare stabilizer (320mm wide x 70mm chord) provides a more rail like locked in feel as it has more yaw direction stability whereas the down curved carve (360mmx70mm) has a looser feel but aids the ability to pump. The flat race wing is for ultimate low end drag

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