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Unifoil Hydrofoils

Carbon 2 bolt Short Fuselage(26cm) with cover

Carbon 2 bolt Short Fuselage(26cm) with cover

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Full carbon, no foam, made using only the highest-quality premium materials. Stiff and durable for heavy riding and taper locked for no play. 

39 cm - NEW extra long for wind wing racing and downwind (not recommended for prone/surf).

33 cm - Original length (formerly long) recommended for most riders.

27 cm - Shorter length made for tighter turning and shorter radius. Recommended add-on for advanced riders to loosen up the foil for carves and quick direction changes and easier pumping.

1 bolt fuse (Required for Vyper and retrospective models) 2 bolt fuse (Recommended for Hyper2 and Progression Wings)

If you already on our system your 1 bolt fuse might fit the new 2 bolt wings (Hyper2 and Progression)

Bolts sold separately


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