At Unifoil, we have you covered for all your foil addictions: Wake, Tow, Pump, Wing, Surf, and Downwind! 

Unifoil high-performance foils are surf inspired, making them perfect for behind the boat, flat water pumping and surf tow-ins.

Unifoils are incredibly smooth & predictable, giving you added confidence to push yourself harder and progress faster.

Whether you're just starting, want to turn more, pump further or jump, our gear will maximize your time on foil & will take your riding to the next level! 

  • Vyper is the surf inspired foil for playing on waves and wakes. The Vyper has the perfect balance of stability, agility and low stall speeds to boost airs and carve turns.

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  • Is the original high aspect glide machine, its been redesigned for additional performance, speed, glide, turns and froth-ability!

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  • New to the line up... the Progression is the middle sibling of the Vyper and Hyper2. We took the best traits of both to give you a foil with a slower stall speed than the hyper 2 and more pump than the Vyper.

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