Josh Ku

Nationality: Australian
Currently living in: Sydney
Local foil spot: Maroubra
Date of birth: 29 / 09 / 1990
Height: 5’11
Weight: 76 kg

Discipline: prone / sup / tow
Favorite spots: Long Reef and Voodoo
Favorite conditions: glassy and 3 foot or honking wind
Favorite move: drawn out carves
Favorite foil setup: 130 vyper / long fuselage / race tail / 83 cm mast
Where did I start foiling:
I first tried foiling on the Fijian island of Namotu when foiling was
not big at all , we were getting towed behind a boat on a massive 6 foot
retrofitted surfboard with foil tracks and an old Naish setup ( most
probably dave Kalama’s )
How did I get into the sport: I have to thank my friend Perth Standlick who used to ride for unifoil who got me into it , he
taught me on the back of a ski and let me borrow his gear and now I’m hooked
Best ever session: has to be when I completed my first
sup attempt in Botany Bay , I had been failing miserably for months
trying to paddle up on the sup and get on foil and on this day the stars
aligned and something clicked for me and now I’m totally hooked on
downwind sends
Accomplishments: getting recognized by Unifoil to come
onboard as a team rider ! Couldn’t be more stoked to join such a progressive brand with the best gear in the industry