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Unifoil Hydrofoils

Quiver Kiiller Mid length 5’6” x 20.5 x 4” - 55L w/board bag

Quiver Kiiller Mid length 5’6” x 20.5 x 4” - 55L w/board bag

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The Quiver Killer is the one-board solution for foilers.  It surfs much smaller than it looks and the ease of paddling and wave catching will bring a new joy to sessions.  The displacement hull shape releases fast and easy from the water, making pop ups highly efficient. Winging is a joy as well and enables easy popups in light wind, allowing riders to enjoy a smaller board in lighter winds.  This Mid Length foil board designed for maximum performance and fun.  Designed for ease of paddling, popup, wing and FoilDrive takeoffs and maximum carving  angles.

Main Features: Easy paddling and wave catching, minimal swing weight, surfs small. Perfect for prone, winging, downwinding and foildrive connectivity. Board Bag included

Foil Drive Approved: Designed for seamless connectivity with Foil Drive and other E-Assist products.


5’6” x 20.5 x 4” - 55L


5’6” x 20.5 x 4” - 55 liters

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