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Unifoil Hydrofoils

Disco Butter 4’4” x 18.5" x 3” - 32L w/board bag

Disco Butter 4’4” x 18.5" x 3” - 32L w/board bag

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The Disco Butter is the ultimate prone surf shape based on years of refining designs.  It’s low to mid volume shape that surfs much smaller than it looks based on the rail design.  The rail design minimizes contact points and the bottom design skips on touchdowns and is stable in the foam.

Main Features:  Low swing weight, wide enough for offset stance, 13 inch tracks, bottom design to shed water on touchdowns and foam hits.

Foil Drive Approved: Designed for seamless connectivity with Foil Drive and other E-Assist products.


4’4” x 18.5 x 3” - 32L


Value Proposition:  Refined and reliable performance. Durable construction. Easy to ride. Board bag included.

Use Case: Surf, wake, dock/pump, tow & Foil Drive. All rider levels.


4’4” x 18.5 x 3” - 32L

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