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Typhoon Wind Wing Board

Typhoon Wind Wing Board

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Our new full-carbon wind wing boards were specifically designed to suit our high-performance foil range.

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Who are they for?

Novice to advanced wingers looking to take their riding to the next level, and those looking for a solid, high-quality board that just works from the first time, without having to figure it out. 

Balanced feel: We have moved the foil tracks forward and increased their length. This means you can create front foot pressure, for a more even feel to reduce back foot fatigue.

Disciplines: Progression, learner, wave, freestyle, freeride, downwind.


76L - Intermediate to advanced. Low-volume board for intermediate to advanced riders in a range of conditions. Light enough for waves and jumping but with enough volume to get you going easily in the lulls.

92L - Light-wind board for intermediate and advanced riders. A good all-rounder for those who want one board to do it all.

116L - For novices wanting an easy board to start on and heavier intermediate riders in light winds

16" boxes to suit wide range of riding styles and foil setups.

Tech Specs

  • EPS core
  • High-density PVC layers
  • High-density extended I-box for foil tracks
  • Carbon fiber layers
  • Premium Unifoil Deck-Grip


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