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Pinion Wind Wing

Pinion Wind Wing

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Introducing our new wind wing, the Pinion: we’re really excited about this wing and we think you will be too. It’s a complete redesign from our previous model. We wanted a wing that works in the widest range of conditions and the Pinion really delivers that. We think it sets a new standard for performance and control.

The Pinion has a really balanced feel. It has a huge wind range, with lots of low-end, and it is really stable when flagged out. It features longer semi-rigid handles for more direct control and a one-pump system for easy inflation, with a dump valve on the strut for easy pack-up.

Who is it for? We wanted a wing that you can start with and stay with: the Pinion is designed for novices, right through to advanced and pro riders. It covers all disciplines: freeride, freestyle, wave, downwind, and racing.

Coolest thing about this wing is the colour - it’s black: what’s better than that?

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  • What’s new

    *NEW* – PVC windows placed for optimised see-through and packing (on the 5 and 6m only)

    *NEW* – New updated profile for better handling

    *NEW* – New skin tension for easier pumping

    *NEW* – New construction details for better durability

    *NEW* – High flow one pump between the Leading Edge and Strut

  • Design features

    Powerful profile at low speed – easy take off

    Stable V shape wing – easy when riding the wave

    3D shaped Canopy tension for minimum flatter

    Compact shape to avoid touch downs

    Super Safe – front handle maximum depower

    Strut Foam handle for maximum comfort

    Harness line attachment

    Light leash

    Light weight structure

  • High-end material

    Dacron DP 175 LL – Extra stiff material – makes the wing more reactive and powerful – From Germany

    Canopy Techfiber Triple ripstop – From Japan (Triple Ripstop Canopy from Japan: Supplied by Techfiber, Japan.)

    TPU bladder – From Germany

  • High-end Manufacturing

    Full strut reinforcement seam

    Internal seams reinforcement

    Double layers of Dacron at Strut to Leading Edge connection

    One pump straight tube

    Inflation / Deflation valve with big nozzle – easy to inflate / deflate