230 HYPER is almost done !!!

The 150 is ready to fly !!

In bigger surf the 175 starts to become a hand full and due to the amount of requests for a smaller wing we have finally released our 150 production foil. This foil is focused on high performance and to achieve this we have kept the span the same as the 175 but shortened the chord so making the foil faster as the frontal area and surface area have been reduced.

It still has the same locked in feel as the the 175 , but a slight bit more anhedral on the front wings making the pump_ability a bit easier as the lateral flow is further reduced.

Pics and videos soon !

170 Hyper down wind race foil

Click the above link to view the new 170 downwind race foil , this has been slightly tweaked from the original prototype

3D stl files are available now for download to print on a 3d printer, these enable you to change the angle between the front and back wing changing the feel of the foil.

With no shim the foil is at its maximum efficiency but also quite sensitive and is best suited to the seasoned foiler.
A good start is the 2 degree shim , this will increase your front foot pressure, so you will need to stand further forwards on the board thereby shifting your weight forwards you also increase stability.

You can download these from thingyverse under unifoil or click this link

3D Stl files for shims

The 210 downwind foil is aimed for the heavier rider 80- 100 kgs

The new 185 surf dedicated foil

The 120 sized foil is available as a prototype for testing , this can be used for either kiting or big wave surfing. please send an email if you are interested in this foil

The 170 Hyper is a lightweight downwind foil which is a high aspect race foil designed for maximum efficiency , this can be used for lightweight riders up to 65kgs

The Surf / SUP 175

Here are a few renders of the foil

  • Ease of use
  • Low speed lifting
  • 3:1 Aspect ratio
  • Large 1098cm3 front wing
  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • KF Box mast mount
  • Adjustable tail stabilizer for different foot pressure
  • Perfect for first time Surf/SUP or Kite foiler